Ta-ta 1-dayouters, is gone burgers, but panic not we're still going great guns, we've just decided to concentrate on what we do best.

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1-day moves on to bigger and better things!

You might have spotted that we’ve closed down this part of the website – it’s true. After a great run, heaps of amazing deals and stacks of stoked voucher users we’ve made the executive decision to close 1-dayout. Sorry!

All of our other sites, like 1-day and Torpedo7, are 100% continuing – in fact they’re keeping us so busy that we hardly ever have time to eat our lunch, let alone find you insane voucher deals that we know will float your boat!

So as the market for voucher deals grows, and the number of websites out there expands, we’ve decided it’s time to pull the pin and concentrate on what we do best.... offering you (our loyal customers) better deals on better quality goods at the same amazing prices you know and love!

We won’t settle for offering you anything less than the absolute coolest and best value products around (and hey, maybe the occasional random bag of crap to mix it up). Unfortunately with the way the voucher deal market is heading it was starting to look that way – so 1-day is moving on to bigger and better things, which we know you are going to enjoy.

It was a great run while it lasted, and we want to say a big thanks to everyone that took part – and don’t worry 1-day remains as strong (and better) than ever, we are continuing with our quest for world domination and have plenty of exciting developments on the go – watch this space!


The 1-day team